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We’re only as successful as you are. Also, we give a shit.

  1. We Understand Your Project

  2. We Plan Your Campaign

  3. We Work Like Crazy on It

  4. We Report Back & Celebrate

Boosting New & Emerging Talents

  • music consulting and management for diy artists
  • book better gigs with professional press and pictures
  • promo pr indie musicians


We craft PR Campaigns and offer Web Design Services for artists, musicians and independent projects. We know that blasting emails is not enough and we’re dedicated to crafting a campaign, which is unique to you. And we report to you all the time. Because it’s your fucking project.

We carefully choose the projects we work on to ensure high compatibility and excellent results.

Our Roster

A brief overview of Artists & Projects we are working on or have contributed to in the past

Album Artwork Design

We create gorgeous album artworks to the highest industry standards

We don't just send emails


A successful PR Campaign is a full on cooperation between the publicist and the client. Every damn step of the way.

Nashville for the Independent Musician

Nashville for the Independent Musician

Nashville for the Independent Musician can be heaven or hell and sometimes both at the same time. Music City still remains one of the most exciting places to be and work as a writer or musician. But y...

Spotify for Indie and DIY Artists

Spotify for Indie and DIY Artists

Getting featured on a Spotify playlist is a major step in your career. Making it onto a curated playlist with hundreds of thousands of followers is more effective and just as prestigious as a feature ...

Do’s & Dont’s for Musicians

Do’s & Dont’s for Musicians

We gathered serious intel from our previous lives working in big music & media corporations, our time as band members and of course, our time here as publicists working and talking to musicians an...

How to Book Better Gigs

How to Book Better Gigs

4 ROAD TESTED TIPS TO BOOK BETTER GIGS   Booking better gigs is one of the main challenges every indie artist faces. Putting together good shows is a hell of a lot of work and you want those effo...

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