9 Useful Websites Every Independent Musician Should Know


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In this ever-changing industry it can be hard as an indie musician or band to keep track and know where to start or which platform to spend time and efforts (or bucks) on.

So we did a little round up to see what’s what in this glorious Spring of 2018 (in alphabetical order). In this edition, we’ll look at distribution, recording, royalties and insider tips. For social media and promotion, we’ll do a follow up post.


online sessions for musicians, singers and songwriters

We dig it because musicians come to work here. Hire fellow artists and get hired too. It’s a great way to make new connections and extra bucks using your craft. And there is real talent available on Airgigs from songwriters who’ll help you craft your lyrics to master engineers who’ll make you sound warm as heck and all the musicians you’ll need in between. They take a reasonable cut of your profit and you can withdraw your money easily to your PayPal account.


music industry tips & opinions from one hard working indie musician to another

Ari’s Take has been around for years and you have to give the man some serious credit. Ari has been giving solid tips to fellow music makers for quite some time and is always on top of things. He knows the industry and his views on touring, networking and self management are extremely insightful.

Check out his reviews of distribution platforms, tips for booking gigs and other helpful articles that could really help you make better decisions as an indie artist.

Useful Websites Every Independent Musician Should Know


a DIY musician’s best friend

Does Bandcamp need an introduction? Probably not but this wonderful and sometimes not-celebrated-enough distribution/selling/streaming/sharing platform really deserves attention. For DIY & indie artists, Bandcamp remains a wonderful place to share and SELL music easily. A lot of musicians are not able to get their CDs & Vinyls in stores and yet people want them. They really do.

Bandcamp is a wonderful discovery platform where music lovers make independent artists feel loved and supported. Be sure to make the most out of it.


the leading independent music distributor

If you don’t know how or where to start distributing your music online, then CD Baby is probably your best and safest bet. We like them because they pay artists automatically and on time (when others make it more difficult) and because they offer lots of great services such as YouTube or Facebook monetization programs to help you collect as much money as possible.

You’ll also pay when you release and that’s it. They don’t take a cut and they don’t lock you in any sort of subscription model from which you won’t be able to get out and which is sometimes even impossible to downgrade. DistroKid for instance will have you locked in one subscription model for EVER (you can upgrade but not downgrade). That’s okay if you release all the time and know that your kids and grandkids will continue paying for your subscription after you’re gone. But what if they don’t? That’s right, your online catalogue will vanish.


mastering on the fly

We did hesitate to list this one because we believe a real master engineer cannot be replaced. AI and algorithms can do a lot of things. But getting the complexity of a song like a talented engineer would is not one.

But here’s the thing: sometimes you can’t afford the whole mixing & mastering with a pro thing, especially when you’re starting your first productions. If you wanna share something with your fans online without making it a big official release or if you’re posting a quick cover song on Soundcloud, you may not wanna spend a few hundred bucks on mastering it. And in those cases, LANDR comes in pretty handy.

spotify artists useful Websites Independent Musician
image courtesy of Spotify for Artists


online sessions for musicians, singers and songwriters

Very much like Airgigs, Soundbetter is another platform tested and approved by musicians we talked or worked with. SB tends to be a little more expensive than Airgigs but also has really big names available for hire. Amazing and well recognized mixing and mastering engineers are available on the platform, making it easy for you to work with fantastic sound people without a label supporting you or without leaving the comfort of your home studio.


distribution with simple cover song licensing

Soundrop is yet another Music Distribution platform but the main thing that makes them stand out is their simple cover song licensing service.

Ever wondered how to get your own badass country cover of Killing in the Name of on Spotify?  Here you go. Easy peasy: Soundrop allows you to license your cover for streams and download without infringing any copyright law and without needing expensive legal help.


royalties collection

Oh Royalties. Every musician in the world dreams of making an income from them. And is often beyond frustrated when they discover how poorly they get treated by PRO companies as DIY & independent artists.
Soundreef offers an alternative to the old fashioned way of collecting the money you’re due. And there are good chances, if you’ve been working on it for a few years now, that your music is making money somewhere somehow whether you know it or not. Soundreef can help you keep track of where your music is really used and more importantly, help you get that money. Your money.


in-depth data from the absolute online leader

You probably know this one but if you don’t, not a minute to waste. For a couple of years, lots of musicians didn’t know how to be blue-ticked on Spotify and how to access their streaming info.  That’s because the good people of Spotify were not only busy launching in difficult key markets (looking at you Germany) or developing the best streaming platform in the world, they were also thinking and working on how to make the artist experience on Spotify the best it could be.
And it’s now here with in-depth data and customisation options on your desktop and as an app. Be sure to stay on top of these stats of yours, give social high fives to playlists featuring your tracks -even the smaller ones! – and see which cities are streaming you to best plan your next gigs.

Of course there are PLENTY of others but this list isn’t meant to cover them all. These are websites we found useful for our people. They really can help you build your knowledge and understanding of the industry and or provide quality services. Many have cool blogs too.

We’re not teaming up with any of them either. We just dig what they do and hope you will too.

Have more platforms to praise & share? Let us know! Want more tips for your music career? Check out our blog here.

Stay inspired.

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