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PR & Web Services for New & Emerging Talents

HighwayPR was founded by 2 long time friends and music lovers: PJ & Lou. We’re backed by a couple extra ladies behind the scenes who help us with artist relations, media relations, research and events.

We spend our time between Paris, London and often travel to Nashville, covering and understanding the industry on both sides of the Atlantic.

We focus on independent music releases and specialize in emerging talents. We remain open to artistic and amazing endeavours when it feels right and doable. So come talk to us. We’ll only work with people and projects we love.

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HighwayPR was born from the need of musicians. A need for better PR driven by passion for music (not just money) and real attention given to every song in a campaign. 

Finding proper services and people who care, in any domain, is basically like searching for the Holy Grail. It’s true for banking services and it’s true for your PR company. Well, we’re aiming to be that magic company. Nothing less.

Many large PR companies representing “big” artists offer their services to independent and unsigned musicians. But the quality of the work and the results are often disappointing. Let’s put it out there: they basically blast emails for you. And you know what happens to “newsletters” and generic press releases? We all do.


We don’t just send emails. Sure, we do send a whole lot of them. But see: we curate them, we research and know our writers. We craft every message and only send relevant information to the right people. 

We believe in curating a roster that we can be passionate about while working in a small team to achieve big results.

We know that your album is not just a collection of songs. No matter how cool they may be. Your record is a story and our job is to tell it in the most compelling way.

Our mission is to make you stand out in an ocean of press releases where bloggers and journalists are becoming more and more difficult to reach. If you’re in our roster, we’ll fight for you.


We want to hear from you but please understand that we are picky mofos and only work for projects we believe in and know we can pitch.

We love to hear new music and check out every submission we receive.

We try to get back to all submissions but it’s not always possible. Please don’t take it personally. We mean it. If we don’t take you on board, there can be a million reasons behind that decision. The sole quality of your music isn’t necessarily one.

Sending MP3s or MySpace links won’t work. Soundcloud, Spotify and Bandcamp only por favor.

We look forward to hearing (from) you!

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