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There are different ways of joining our roster. If you’re not planning a release at this point, you may need help defining your brand, understanding your fan base, using the right promotional tools and creating your story. We’d love to help, so let’s:

  • define your artistic brand
  • assess and improve your online presence
  • get you up to industry standards
  • get you ready for your future release

We are here to help kickstart your career. Our job is to help you improve or correct what is not working, find new ways to reach more people and be ready for an actual release when the time comes.

We know what the industry is up to, what music bloggers expect from you, how music fans react online and what tools will help you progress (or just waste your table merch money).


Do you understand your fan base and do you know what makes them tick?

Do you master the art of the newsletter and general communication?

Do you know how to make the most of soundco or noisetrade and do you know what it means in the long run to choose your distributor?

Are you aware of the importance of Spotify Analytics?

We will help you find your way in the music industry jungle. Let’s set a strategy and get things done.

No one can do it completely on their own in this business. So let us be your team.

music consulting and management

Career Diagnosis
Online Presence Assessment
Artist Brand Definition


Please tell us about your music project:

  • are you planning a release at this point or not yet?
  • are you a solo artist, the leader of a band, a manager…
  • what are your main expectations and the reasons you’re seeking help?
  • have you worked with a publicist or consulting agency before?
  • send us links to your official website and social media.

To be considered and join our roster your music will have to fit within the following genres: folk, americana, singer-songwriters, country, rock, pop.

We will not consider EDM, rap, metal, hardcore, pop country, bro country, R&B, techno or house (no exception made, sorry).

We do not accept any one in the roster but it’s never personal. Trust us when we say we’re going to fight for your music and online presence. But to do the best job we can, we gotta love your music first. So get in touch, send us some streaming links and feel free to shoot any question our way!

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