Rory Gillanders - HighwayPR Promo

London based Acoustic Rock musician Rory Gillanders is the kind of artist that directly speaks to the soul. Armed with an acoustic guitar and a powerhouse bluesy voice, the Irish born singer-songwriter tackles personal and universal struggles in down-to-earth yet truly sophisticated songs.

It’s hard not to immediately think of Noel Gallagher or Bob Dylan when hearing Gillanders’ distinctive voice and stellar signature strumming. And these influences run deep: along with Springsteen and Ryan Adams, Rory admits that “it was hearing these musicians as well as listening to my dad’s old records that made me want to pick up a guitar and start strumming”.

Gillanders’ songs take on conflicts and anxiety both on a personal and social level. The struggles of an ordinary man trying to make a living and a life in a complex world of ever-flowing bad news is something we can all relate to. And that’s what makes his work universal by essence.